Morso Stoves | Stoneways Fireplaces and StovesMorso provide a variety of high quality stoves with great environmental qualities and beautiful designs. They believe that your Morso stove will soon become a beloved piece of furniture within your home or other property. Historically made with cast iron, Morso burners are quintessentially Danish, timeless yet modern wood burning stoves.

It is not just the Morso stoves which are environmentally friendly, so are the practices put into place during their design and manufacture. 99% of the cast iron used within Morso wood burning stoves is recycled. 80% of their energy consumption comes from sources of sustainable energy. So, if you are looking for an environmentally friendly stove, look no further than a new Morso stove, fitted by the experts at Stoneways.

For more information on the Morso stoves available, please contact us today on 01249 812 924.